As an authorized dealer, we can immediately ship you any product from the following companies, fresh, new in-box. 
Bergantino, Genzler Amplification, Phil Jones Bass, Traynor, ART, Hughes & Kettner, and Yorkville Sound
If you do not see a a particular product listed in the store give us a shout via email or phone. 
Dingwall Guitars does not dropship, but we can order any bass that is in-stock and our store stock of Dingwall basses changes weekly.
We can custom order your made in the USA Roscoe Bass! We keep a stock of nice Roscoe basses.

We offer THE best Customer Service & Support with an electrical / acoustic / pro sound engineer, and 45 year bass player to help you with selection, comparison, and after sales support.
If you receive a quote for less from an authorized dealer, we will attempt to pricematch AND free shipping.

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