Genzler BA15-3 SLT 15" Bass cab with Paper-cone Mid/high Array

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GENZLER AMPLIFICATION is proud announce the addition of a 15? model to the innovative Bass Array cabinet design.  The new BA15-3 SLT is our entry into the 15? cabinet segment offering all of the benefits of our BA concept delivering huge low frequency depth and fullness, with the clarity, quickness and full-range response that our 4 x 3? line array element adds to this big piston 15? driver.

As well, this slanted cabinet version further enhances all benefits of the BA design adding a new level of dispersion and projection, either when being used as a single enclosure or in combination with additional straight or slant cabinets.  This model is ideal on its own but can add so much more to stage output when stacked with other Bass Array models, as the BA210-3 or BA410-3 models.

“This new GENZLER cabinet has all of the big low end you’d expect from a 15, but it also has surprising clarity, tightness and finesse for whatever style you’re playing.  I call it the “UN-15?– everything you want and need with none of the shortcomings.  Check it out!” – Mel Brown, 2 x Grammy Award Winning Bassist

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