Genzler MG-12T-V Lightweight 12" Bass Speaker Cab, 350 Watts, Only 24 lbs!!! We will attempt to pricematch any authorized dealer.

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The Most Powerful, Compact, Light-weight, Single 12? Available!

 New to the Magellan series of cabinets is this ultra-compact, light-weight, vertically designed MG-12T-V cabinet.  One of the smallest 1 x 12? cabinet designs on the market, this 24 lb cabinet  is constructed from 12mm and 15mm lite plywood materials, delivering powerful, full-body response with a modern, yet classic styling.  The vertical design helps to keep the dispersion of the cabinet “off the floor” and providing a taller projection pattern.  The cabinet is wrapped in a heavy-duty black textured vinyl with a complimentary woven wire, silver and black grille cloth with silver metallic piping and a comfortable edge-mounted bar handle is provided at the top and back of the cabinet.  Mounting bolts on the top panel are provided to accept the MG-350-CRADLE for attaching the MG-350 amp to make this info a compact, high-output bass combo.

The distinctive front triangular ports provide an optimum porting design as well as structural strength in the corners of the cabinet.  All of this sets this Magellan cabinet apart from standard black boxes and defines this model as the pinnacle of professional bass amplification equipment.

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