Genzler MG-800 800 Watt Bass Amplifier. We will attempt to match ANY authorized dealer's quote.

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I869nspired by the courage and spirit of exploration, the MAGELLAN® 800 represents the pinnacle in the next generation in lightweight, high-output, versatile, bass amplification.  With our years of research, design and manufacturing expertise, we’ve developed this model utilizing stringent design parameters for form, function, fit and finish.  The result is an 800 watt professional high-powered tour-class bass guitar amplifier weighing only 6.25 lbs!

This is exactly what players have come to expect from the GENZLER® design team — performance, versatility and reliability.  From natural, pristine, transparent reproduction of the bass instrument to classic, vintage harmonic textures with “weighted feel to the notes”, the MG-800 provides the tonal palette needed to cover all of the bassist’s amplifier requirements.

Bass Player Magazine — It’s in the preamp where a modern lightweight amp designer shows his stuff. The Magellan was loud, authoritative, and fast when I ran everything flat. It had a razorsharp transient response and remarkable extension into both extremes of the audible frequency spectrum. I never wanted for additional volume or headroom, even when I intentional abused the B string of my F Bass BN5.—Jonathan Herrera

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